Property Management in NJ

If you own a commercial or residential building you need to find property management companies in New Jersey. Our Property management NJ team can help you with all your needs. From contracts for leases and management of the building facilities to getting new tenants and taking care of current ones. Our success is dictated by making you comfortable and profitable with your properties.

We help with the following items: Association management, accounting of the books and bookkeeping of your property records. We do tons of on-site inspections and our aim is to know the property inside and out so we know what to look for and how to make sure the property stays in tip-top shape.

When it comes to rental properties, we make sure all rules and regulations are followed. We prepare all paperwork including insurance policies and mail out to all parties important paperwork and facts.

We also do bookkeeping for rental properties which is important to stay on top of the cash flow. With our expert team we make sure that the best parts of your business are taken care of and your remain profitable with your properties until you decide to sell them. And with our management we will increase the value of the properties so when you sell, you don’t take a loss.

We build on success on people to people relationships. We make sure we understand your needs and more importantly what’s going on with your buildings by going around on free audits and consultation meetings. We found out that here i no substitute for understanding the physical property, the tenants and of course the owners. Our professional team will know what to look for and how to find success.

We are available 24/7 to talk about your properties and provide estimates.

Contact us today and let’s get started with your properties.

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